Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Our dairy goat, Star

We have two Nigerian Dwarf does and one wether. Star, shown above, is a first freshener, and she is our first producing dairy goat. She has an absolutely delightful demeanor and is exceptionally personable, and all three of our goats are such a joy to all of us. Our goats spend time with our children, and are incredible family pets.

Siberian Husky Puppies

Our beautiful blue-eyed husky, Tundra, had her first litter of puppies in March (three females) with an amazing brown-eyed stud, Kage. We are committed to breeding a more compact variety of huskies that are calmer and more well-mannered than the stereotypical husky. These pups grow up around our children, and are exceptional family dogs.


We currently have nine chickens of various types – barred rock, silkies, turkens (naked neck), Lohmann brown, and others. We raise our chickens to lay eggs for our family, and hopefully someday we’ll be raising our own chicks as well!


Fruit Orchard

We are working on growing our own fruits and vegetables to create the most sustainable residence for our family. We have a long way to go, but we’ve started with a lemon tree, avocado tree, peach tree, and pomegranate tree. We are adding a vegetable garden and other fruit trees in the near future!