We have goat babies (“kids”) once a year at Langley Farm. Our kidding season is typically late summer, in August / September. If you are looking for baby goats, contact us at (951) 878-9248 to get your name on our interest list – it fills up fast! We require a REFUNDABLE $50 deposit to get on the list.

We charge $250 for our bucklings (male babies), and $750 for our doelings (female babies). Babies with blue eyes cost an extra $50 (no disrespect to our very beautiful brown-eyed babies!).

We try to wean our babies at 5-6 weeks, at which time they’re ready for their new homes. At that time, we recommend bottle-feeding the babies until 12 to 14 weeks old. We feed our babies 12 ounces of warm milk (or milk replacement) twice a day until 8 weeks old, and then down to one bottle per day until 12 to 14 weeks old.

We prefer milk replacement over dairy milk, and our favorite milk formula is this Unimilk on Amazon:

(If you buy it, please use this link! We get a small referral fee.)

From the time your goat babies are weaned until you have finished bottle-feeding them, they should have unlimited access to standard goat feed so they can begin developing normal goat feeding habits. During this stage, these following feed types are great for your babies:

Timothy Grass

Orchard Grass


If you have a baby boy and you choose to castrate / band him, it is imperative that you stop feeding him alfalfa after he is castrated!