We have Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats. Our kidding season is at the end of summer, so if you are looking for baby goats, contact us to add your name to our interest list. This interest list typically fills up quickly, so it is important to add your name to the list early in the year. We require a REFUNDABLE $50 deposit to get on the list. Call us at (951) 573-9727.

Our doelings cost $250 for males and $750 for females, and doelings with blue eyes cost an extra $50.

Nigerian Dwarfs produce high quality, ultra-sweet milk and is high in butterfat. Their milk tastes identical to the sweet flavor of typical dairy milk. When in season, we sell milk by the quart for $5/quart ($20/gallon), and is frozen unless fresh milk is requested in advance.

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Our Past Babies (they have new homes now!)